Currently childbirth and parenting education is a luxury for most in Australia. There are an enormous amount of families who need this quality education, but for financial and circumstantial reasons they are unable to access it. We need to change this!


New to the Tribe is solving this problem. We create holistic programs that are affordable, reliable and not only focus on childbirth, but place a large emphasis on the transition in to parenthood. By purchasing our programs, you are not only investing in your own family, but you are directly impacting the lives of families less fortunate. 

For every two programs purchased, we are able to provide one program for free to someone who would otherwise go without.


Our programs are set in warm, relaxed environments, creating the perfect platform to foster community, support and empowerment.  




Passion for making positive change and experiences in family lives is the heart of everything we do.


Inclusive Reliable Affordable Equality Connection Warmth Family Vibrant Support Community Fun Relaxed Joy Quality Holistic Empowerment

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New to the Tribe places emphasis on creating natural and healthy experiences, creating brighter futures for our expecting parents. Our team is a collaboration of industry professionals who are passionate about providing quality and reliable education. 

Founder of New to the Tribe, Stephanie Grabham is an experienced midwife who's passion for quality education for all women is the reason why New to the Tribe exists. Stephanie believes that no woman should have to go without access to the important information that fosters healthy pregnancy and parenting. 



Through providing an informed and healthy platform within individual families, we hope to see a broader change in our society, creating positive change and experiences for all families.