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the top 5 benefits of reproductive health awareness

At New to the Tribe we love learning about reproductive health and we encourage our clients to learn about theirs. Gone are the days when this subject was taboo or only secret business

In honour of reproductive health awareness month, we have put together the top five reasons you should talk to your doctor about your privates!


Training for two


Everyone knows exercise is good for us! Not only does it keep our clothes fitting better, but it keeps our insides working and improves our mental health. Keeping fit, healthy and strong during pregnancy has so many benefits for mums to be and if done correctly, it is completely safe for your baby if you have a low risk pregnancy. Here's the rundown....


Being the best support person

Whether she is your partner, daughter, sister or friend, just being by her side is a great step towards being a wonderful support person. Here are ten tips to help you be the best support person you can be....

baby feet


When the provider becomes the consumer. There is a common misconception that being a midwife gives you the ultimate power when it comes to having your own baby. Only those of us in the field feel it to be more of a curse. Fellow midwife and friend of New to the Tribe Katie shares all the ins and outs of the journey of having her beautiful daughter.

Childbirth Education

5 Why's to undertake childbirth education

Anyone who has ever had a child will tell your there is nothing that can truly prepare you for what is to come. The marathon of labour, the long sleepless nights, the constant worry that your doing something wrong, but like anything else in life, any preparation is better than no preparation. Increasing your knowledge of subjects is never going to harm you. Remember, knowledge is power!

Here are five reasons childbirth and parenting education is so important...



We have all heard the stories about pregnant women going into a frantic cleaning spree prior to the arrival of their baby. Maybe you yourself have found yourself in a similar situation, perhaps scrubbing tiles at 3am or re-washing loads of cloths and sheets that you know are perfectly clean. Don't worry, it is totally normal.

We have put together a little guide to help you prepare your home for your baby.