The top 5 benefits of reproductive health awareness!

At New to the Tribe we love learning about reproductive health and we encourage our clients to learn about theirs. Gone are the days when this subject was taboo or only secret business. Although it can feel awkward to talk about your privates with a stranger in a clinic, we need to remember everyone has them, some health professional even dedicate their whole careers on this area! Good reproductive health is about having a safe and satisfying sex life, the capability to reproduce and the freedom to choose when and if they wish to do so! In honour of reproductive health awareness month, we have put together the top five reasons you should talk to your doctor about your privates!


1: It can help you with family planning.

There are many contraceptive methods available for both men and women. Finding one that works for you can help you prevent getting pregnant before you wish to do so. Having access to safe, effective and affordable contraception is a key feature of reproductive health and without it we are taking away the right to have control over your own body.


2: It can help detect or prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Learning about the anatomy and physiology of your body helps you recognise what is normal and what is not. This way you can be alerted early with any abnormal symptoms and seek medical help for treatment. Most sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are easily treatable if detected early enough. If we ignore the warning signs and don’t seek medical help, STD’s can lead to infertility and cancer! If it doesn’t feel right, go and see your doctor!


3: It can improve your overall maternal health.

Taking care of our reproductive health will help us grow healthy babies when the time comes. If we can keep our reproductive organs healthy pre- pregnancy, it will help make for a safe and nutritious home for our growing babies.


4: You can pick up other nasty diseases earlier and treat them more effectively.

Early detection and treatment of nasty diseases is absolute key to positive health outcomes. One of the most common fears of going to the doctor that we will find out something is wrong with us. However, if we have regular check-ups and test, diseases will get picked up much earlier and you will be able to receive the treatment you need to help you move on with your life.


5: It can improve your sexual pleasure

Sex is not always pleasurable for everyone involved. Sometimes painful intercourse can be caused by a build-up of nasty bacteria or disease. If you experience painful sex or bleeding during intercourse, its best to get checked out by a doctor. This can not only treat the issue but allow you to have more enjoyable sex. Reproductive health services can also educate you on diverse ways to improve your sex life, even if there is no issue with disease. So, if your not enjoying it, have a chat to a sexual health practitioner!